Why Portuguese Wine?

You’ve probably wondered why we have this thing for Portuguese wine. Allow us to explain why we believe that everyone should try it.

We are Portuguese

The Portuguese Wine Fellows is a project by João Pedro Duarte and Rui Caldeira. Two long-time friends who have in common their deep love for discovering and tasting wine. In the 20 years of their friendship, João Pedro and Rui understood that Portuguese wine is among the best in the world and that it made perfect sense for it to be showcased by two proud Portuguese men.

Portuguese wine is great

It’s as simple as that. Wines produced in Portugal are of great quality, powerful and with incredible pairing potential. 

portuguese wine is not commonly known

For a wine lover, discovering new wines is a sport. Imagine getting a new selection every month of new and incredibly good wines from a country that is still a well-kept secret when it comes to wine making.

Wines from portugal are cheaper

Blame it on marketing or in the country’s immense capacity to make wines but the truth is that Portuguese wines are usually 5 times cheaper than, for instance, an equivalent French wine.

so many different wines

Despite a relatively small country, Portugal has the capacity to produce totaly different wines according to the region and wine making. Fruity whites, elegant or full-bodied reds, rosés and Port wines, among many others, there’s almost unlimited discoveries to make.