Fellow Box – Sep22 Edition


To make the most of the end of summer we continue to recommend fresh whites to enjoy in good company. In reds, we start the transition to autumn with wines not so summery and already with good structure and presence. An excellent pack of wines made to please a wide range of appreciators. Dare to try it, we promise you will like it... a lot!
Enjoy it!

Included in this pack

Covela Edição Nacional Avesso 2020

Vinho Verde | Light White

Quinta dos Távoras Reserva 2018

Trás-os-Montes | Full-Bodied Red

Esporão Colheita 2018

Alentejo | Full-Bodied Red

Torreão da Alameda Reserva 2015

Dão | Light/Medium Red

Planalto Reserva 2020

Douro | Light White

Duas Quintas 2019

Douro | Full-Bodied Red