Alentejo Selection


The Alentejo wine region covers an extensive area of Portugal, comprising almost the entire southern part of the country. When it comes to wines, the generic term “Alentejo” encompasses both DOP zones and regional wines, the latter not losing in quality to the former. It is a region in which the mixture of Portuguese and foreign varieties is normal and the harvests are of constant quality.

Due to is southern profile, these wines are usually warm, with good body and generally high alcohol volume and are usually loved by those who prefer powerful and robust wines.

Included in this pack

Alento Reserva 2016

Alento Reserva

Alentejo | Full-Bodied Red
Perescuma N.º1 Reserva 2017

Perescuma Nº1 Reserva

Alentejo | Full-Bodied Red
Blog by Tiago Cabaço 2017

Blog by Tiago Cabaço

Alentejo | Full-Bodied Red