About Us

We are Rui and João, The Portuguese Wine Fellows. We love Portugal and we love Portuguese Wine. A lot. We love it so much we spend the most of our time tasting it.

Rui Caldeira

In the beginning of my wine journey, my appreciation was mostly to reds but I have to say that, nowadays, there are whites that have won my heart. When it comes to my personal taste, I’m a fan of white wines of good acidity and a strong critic of those with strong wood notes. As for reds, I’ll always choose the elegant and fresh over anything else. Regarding Port, my preference is, without a doubt, old Tawnys.

Always hungry for knowledge, I’ve concluded the level 3 of the WSET training where I proved to be true my conviction that Portuguese wines are among the best in the world.

About Rui, a wine Lover
About Joao, a wine Lover

João Pedro Duarte

I’m an entrepreneur since I can remember. One thing that I’ve learned along all my ventures is that a good meal and great wine is the perfect combination for business and leisure meetings and that is why the only thing that followed me along all my ventures is wine.

Full body red wines are my favourite, specially a little aged (+ 10 years), and fresh (16º), to go better with our warm country. About Port wine, I’ll definitely go anytime for an old Ruby type Port Vintage. 2000 is the current year of selection and, with a nice strong chocolate cake or a blue cheese I’m in heaven.


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